Yousuf Bakshi


Yousuf Bakshi

Hometown and Country

Cardiff, Wales


Computer Science and Government

Extracurricular Interests

Undergraduate Council Representative and Head of Communications, Designer at Harvard Student Agencies, Foreign Secretary at the British Club 

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

Felipes without a doubt

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Computer Science, Government, Design, HSA, Student Government, Religion, FGLI issues

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

FIP is a LIFE-CHANGING program where you will meet your closest ever friends and feel a part of the Harvard international community. Harvard is your new home, and FIP helps you settle in with the best people you could ever ask for. You will learn the ins and outs and all the tips and tricks to become a true American resident, and that includes learning the infamous cotton eyed joe dance and the cha cha slide as well as setting up a bank account. You don’t want to miss out. Honestly, you don’t. Americans find any excuse to try and get onto FIP. It really is the best program.

Leader Bio

Yousuf is a rising sophomore who got sorted into Mather House (best house, singles for life <3 ) but lived in Wigglesworth for the 3/4s of his freshman year. Yousuf is interested in Computer Science and Government but can be seen enjoying a random assortment of classes. Hailing from the mystical unheard-of country of Wales, in the UK, he hopes to educate all about the existence of his homeland whilst basking in American culture. No really, you won’t find him without a welsh flag nearby. On campus, you will see that Yousuf is truly sleep deprived because of the number of clubs he decided to join in his freshman year. He serves as the Head of Communications for the Undergraduate Council which he’s also the Crimson Yard Representative for so if you have a knack for student government definitely reach out to him. He also works in the Internal Marketing department for Harvard Student Agencies designing cool merch for the harvard shop and ads for different companies in Cambridge! Yousuf also helped resurrect the British Club on campus last year and now serves as its Foreign Secretary so he is a proud member of one of the many amazing cultural organizations here on campus that helps make Harvard home. In his spare time, Yousuf likes to binge Netflix shows, go to concerts, travel, visit museums and drink an absurd amount of tea, but nothing beats Yousuf getting very excited to go back to campus and welcome you all home!