Woojin Lim


Hometown & Country

Vancouver, Canada



Extracurricular Interests

Korean International Student Association, Harvard Model United Nations, Harvard Review of Philosophy, Human Rights Working Group

Favorite place in Harvard Square

Widener Library

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Food events around campus, balancing academics and social life, housing system + anything else!

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

It's a wonderful way to settle into life at Harvard, learn from panels and lectures, and bond with fellow internationals! 


Woojin is a second-year student from the rainy city of Vancouver. He lives in Winthrop House and intends to concentrate in philosophy, particularly drawn by ethics and political theory. He loves "travelling" to new places in East Asia, and his "favourite" food is sushi and ramen. (He has yet to learn American English and the preposterous Fahrenheit scale). When not at Widener Library, you can find him playing badminton at the MAC, feasting on all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque, or reviewing music and theatre in Boston. Over the summer, he will be hiking mountains and studying computer science in Cape Town. FIP 2019, allons-y!