Umut Arslan


Hometown & Country

Istanbul, Turkey


History of Art and Architecture

Extracurricular Interests

Harvard Student Agencies Strategy, Harvard College Turkish Students Association, International Relations Council

Favorite place in Harvard Square

Harvard Student Agencies

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Free travel opportunities with Harvard organizations all around the world, and anything art-related

Why should a freshman choose FIP?


Umut is a rising Junior and was born and raised in Istanbul, which he thinks is THE BEST city on earth. Having gone back and forth with four concentrations, he finally settled on studying History of Art and Architecture, currently with a focus on Modern Catalonian art. He is an avid language learner, and he will be spending some of his time learning Catalonian, Portuguese and Hebrew this summer. When he is not in his overly comfortable room and in his pajamas in Currier, you can find him in the Sackler building basking in the sun and talking about his love for hybrid architectures or in the Quad grille showing his face in his fried chicken quesadilla. This summer, Umut will intern for Harvard Business School's Istanbul office, where he will make business research on the prominent businesses of the Middle East and North Africa region. Rumor has it that the FIP co-director Lisa will also be in town with Umut to conquer Istanbul's nightlife with some sleek moves. Umut loves traveling all around the world, and he will be continent hopping throughout the summer. Starting from Boston, he will visit Brazil, Morocco, UAE, Ethiopia, South Africa, Switzerland, Israel and Palestine, so shoot him an e-mail if you want to meet up and give him a tour of your town!