Thomas de Hertog


Hometown & Country

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Applied Mathematics and Economics

Extracurricular Interests

Tamid Consulting Group, Harvard Ventures, Club Rugby

Favorite place in Harvard Square

El Jefe's at any given Friday or Saturday night

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Delving into new, potentially unexplored, interests.

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

As an incoming international Freshman, Harvard can be quite a daunting experience. Every student, true for both Americans as well as internationals, will have to adjust to the so-called Harvard culture. However, having a close group of international friends from day 1, friends who will understand what it means to also make the transition to a completely different country, will unequivocally smooth out this process. It is a decision you will definitely not regret!


Thomas is Dutch, a rising sophomore and has lived most of his life in Amsterdam. Before coming to Harvard, Thomas spent a substantial part of his youth rowing for the Dutch Junior National team. However, at the beginning of his Freshman Spring Semester he decided to delve into other interests. Studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Economics and Computer Science, Thomas would be keen to delve into the realms of entrepreneurship in the years to come. Aside from academics and athletics, he is involved in the Tamid Group, a consulting group specialized in assisting Tech Startups, and Venture Capital research at HBS. This summer, whilst studying at the Harvard Summer school and conducting research at HBS, Thomas will be a Summer Proctor for the Secondary School Program, which he is really excited about.