Sam Blackman


Hometown & Country

Kettering, England



Extracurricular Interests

Music, Sports (Football/Soccer, Judo, Running) Film, Ballroom Dance, Writing

Favorite place in Harvard Square

JP Licks

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Pretty much anything, I hope. Home sickness, worries about Harvard, hobbies, ECs, living here, classes, etc

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

Amazing opportunity to meet a group of phenomenal, all either in the same boat as you are, or have been there before, not to mention to get set up and ready for the year


Sam is English, and has split his life between the towns of Kettering and Folkestone, in the Midlands and South of the country respectively. He is a rising Sophomore in Cabot House who loves travelling, playing sports (especially soccer and judo), and music. This year, he's been learning to play guitar for himself and how to ballroom dance from the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. In the fall he hopes to declare either Bioengineering or Developmental and Regenerative Biology as his major, and he hopes to get a minor in Education, Economics or Government (yes, as you can tell, he's aggressively undecided on what he wants to do). His ambitions for next year are to get back into running, soccer, and/or judo, to write a play, screenplay, or novel; and to go back to voluntary work at the Harvard Homeless Shelter. This summer, Sam is going home to the UK to work to raise money to be able to live in Cambridge next summer to work in a lab.