Rediet Alemu


Rediet Alemu

Hometown and Country

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia


Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Extracurricular Interests

Anything related to Africa, music, fashion, historical fiction

Favorite place in Harvard Square?


What can FIPers talk to you about?

Any thing/issue regarding mental health, race, homesickness

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

Friends made during FIP last the longest.

Leader Bio

Born and raised in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Rediet is currently a third-year student at Harvard University, studying Cognitive Neuroscience with a secondary in African Studies and a language citation in KiSwahili. She is a research intern at the Center for African Studies and works as a peer tutor. She is really passionate about human capital development in African countries, mental health advocacy, reggae, afro beats and making sure her Afro is a perfect sphere. This summer she will be continuing to work on a mental health intervention for high school students with depression and anxiety symptoms in Nairobi, Kenya.