Nicole Kagan

Nicole Kagan

Hometown & Country

Sydney, Australia



Extracurricular Interests

Debate, Consulting, Public Service

Favorite place in Harvard Square

Insomnia Cookies

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Talk to me about debate, Eurovision and studying economics!

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

If you're tossing up between programs, I'd highly recommend FIP over all others. Not only do you make your closest friends at FIP, but there's no other situation in which you'll be surrounded by people who understand every high and low that you experience during your time at college due to their international background.


G'day mate! (As she keeps telling us they say in her country) Nicole is a rising sophomore from Sydney, Australia who studies Economics and is looking to complete a language citation in Russian. Before coming to Harvard, Nicole solved many a technical issue through the "turn it off and on again" trick as part of her role as a Technical Specialist at Apple. At Harvard, Nicole makes it clear that she loves to listen to herself talk, and by that we mean that she is heavily involved in the Harvard College Debate Union, traveling across the Northeast every weekend to compete at tournaments. Aside from the time she spends at debate tournaments, Nicole also consults companies on best practices as part of Harvard College Consulting Group. When she's not immersed in her schoolwork or extra-curriculars, you can find her in the Smith Campus Center enjoying Blackbird's delicious doughnuts. This summer, Nicole will be jetting off back home to Australia, before spending a month in China, and returning to campus for FIP!