Nicolas Weninger



Hometown & Country

London, UK


Electrical Engineering S.B.

Extracurricular Interests

Woodbridge, MUN, Wine Society, HAM Radio

Favorite place in Harvard Square

The People's Republik

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Anything relating to international life at Harvard, engineering and how much fun it is, adjusting to the American east coast culture, robotics at Harvard and the International Relations Council!

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

FIP is an amazing time to be on campus. Yes, meeting your fellow internationals – who will become a support network on campus at tougher times no doubt – is a big part of it, but it is a rarity that rarely enjoyed just to hang out with friends in the New England summer on one of the most gorgeous campuses in the world.


Nicolas is a Senior from the rainy city of London. He jumped the pond after taking a gap year during which he travelled around Latin America for six months. With Austrian citizenship and Persian heritage, he is actually more a European than an Englishman. He lives in Kirkland House and studies electrical engineering. This summer, he will be working at a satellite startup, helping with their hardware and business development. When he is not slaving away in the engineering lab or socialising with the internationals, Nicolas can be found trying to distract others from their work, basking in the little sun we get here in Massachusetts and writing pretentious things about himself in the third person.