FIP Important Details

July 15, 2019

Dear FIPers,

We are so excited to welcome you to Harvard!


This year, Lisa and I are the Co-Directors of International First-Year Affairs (Co-DIFAs), meaning that we’re in charge of organizing FIP. Additionally, we have 43 incredible upperclassmen leaders from all over the world who are eager to welcome you to campus.


All of this information can be found in the booklet, but these are the essential details you’ll need to know for FIP:

  • FIP runs from Friday August 23rd - Monday August 26th.

  • Please arrive on campus between 8am-5pm on Friday August 23rd. FIP sign in will be in front of Weld Hall in Harvard Yard.

  • Please note that you will not be staying in your term-time housing. All FIP participants will live in temporary housing in Weld hall during FIP. You will move into your term-time housing on the evening of Monday August 26th.

  • We are not able to provide accommodation prior to Friday 23rd August. If this poses a problem and it is absolutely impossible for you to arrive on campus on the 23rd, then please reach out to Lisa, Max and the FIP email address:

  • In the coming months, you'll be receiving an email about your 'FIP family'. This is a group of several FIPers and two/three FIP leaders (who we call 'FIP parents') who will serve as a smaller community for you within the larger program of FIP. A number of FIP events will be done in these groups and your FIP parents will introduce themselves to you as we draw closer to the program.

  • If you are traveling to the US by yourself, we can pick you up at Boston Airport. We will send out a form in August that will ask you whether you require a pickup.

For any questions, you can always reach out to Lisa or me: