Monica Hinojosa Diaz

Monica Hinojosa Diaz

Hometown and Country

Monterrey, México



Extracurricular Interests

Harvard International Relations Council (IRC), cultural organizations (HOLA), community service activities (PBHA's Pets as Therapy, being a First-Year Peer Advising Fellow (PAF), and intramural sports

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

The Charles River

What can FIPers talk to you about?

FIPpers can talk to me about anything they want! From their interests to specific questions they have, I am all ears. I can talk to them about the social scene at Harvard, dealing with homesickness, keeping in touch with friends at home, or rooming. However, if they have more academic-oriented topics they want to discuss, I can talk about choosing concentrations, the MUN atmosphere, working on campus, PBHA, cultural organizations such as HOLA, or intramural sports.

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

Having so much to navigate in the Harvard ocean, FIP is the guide that fully equips our boats to make sure we do not drown at any point in our voyage. It is a space that allows international freshmen to make new friends, share their cultures, and be themselves while being exposed to all sorts of resources Harvard has to offer. Even though this may sound cheesy, I fell in love with FIP. For me, those three days (so excited we now have a few extra days) were life-changing: I met my future best friends, I realized the wonderful community Harvard has, and I felt ready and prepared to face everything that lay ahead.

Leader Bio

Mónica, or Mony, is a rising junior at Harvard from Monterrey, México, or the city of mountains. With interest in entrepreneurship, humanitarian aid, and philanthropy, she studies Economics with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Although she never did MUN in high school, she dove right into it in college and, she is currently involved in HNMUN-LA, HMUN, and HACIA. When not working on MUN, you can find Mony creating a home away from home for Latin American students as the Harvard Organization for Latin America (HOLA) co-president, giving helpful Harvard advice as a First-Year Peer Advising Fellow, interning at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS), or walking dogs to the Cambridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. During her free time, Mónica loves to relax by the Charles River, try new foods around Harvard (she has some good recommendations), and hang out with her friends. If she can combine these activities, everything gets better. She also loves to go out for runs, play Intramural soccer, travel, explore nature, and spend time with her family when she goes home. She is very excited to meet and get to know you all!