Millán González-Bueno

Millan Gonzalez-Bueno

Hometown and Country

Madrid, Spain


Government & Philosophy (Joint) with a potential citation in French

Extracurricular Interests

Karate, parkour, IRC related organizations (ICMUN, HNMUN, HNMUN-LA, etc.), and rapping/songwriting

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

C'est bon. Jk Saloniki

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Literally anything (except for STEM :) )! Politics, MUN, activism, philosophy, art, gastronomy, poetry, the rap scene, oldies but goldies, Latin dances, karate (and martial arts in general), parkour (which is unlikely but I would be gladly surprised if someone did), tricking, etc. Oh, and ranting about Amurrica (I'm good at this one).

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

If you are an international student, participating in FIP is a yes/yes question. Not only is FIP the most fun and bestest pre-orientation program (unbiased opinion) but is also provides the smoothest transition to American college life. In FIP, useful information, essential bureaucratic procedures, and F U N are perfectly balanced, and you will get to know the international community, establish lifelong bonds, and celebrate your culture before diving headfirst into the turmoil of Orientation Week!

Leader Bio

Millán is a rising sophomore living in Adams House studying a joint concentration in Government & Philosophy with a language citation in French. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, of Franco-Spanish descent, Millán is truly passionate about Politics, International Relations, and the straightforward question of “why are we here,” which makes him a truly talkative person, always open to engage in a conversation on virtually any topic. Millán is also a Model United Nations enthusiast and a member of ICMUN (Harvard’s MUN team) and HNMUN (Harvard’s biggest collegiate MUN conference), so feel free to reach out to him if you are into the MUNiverse. Outside of the lecture halls, you will most likely find him on top of them, since he has been a traceur (a parkour practitioner) for the past 5 years and is always down for some adrenaline-rushing cardio. If not, Millán can also be found in the dojo, dressed up in his karate-gi and working on katas or kumite. To relax, he enjoys reading and writing poetry, singing and dancing (anything from breakdance to salsa works), and taking nocturnal walks along the Charles, listening to The Beatles, Stromae, or the freshest Spanish rap/trap hits. Even if Millán finds it extremely confusing to write about himself using the third person, he doesn’t care because he is incredibly excited to welcome you to Harvard!