Michel Nehme


Hometown & Country

Melbourne, Australia


Applied Maths/Philosophy/Government..?

Extracurricular Interests

Debate, HCCG, cricket, plenty of research!

Favorite place in Harvard Square

Just has to be El Jefe's.

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Adjusting to 'American student culture'; balancing extracurriculars and academics; finding time and space in a crowded place; middle eastern politics; CRICKET.

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

All of my mates with whom I am living next year I met during FIP. Enough said.

Michel (Mich - pronounced Mish) is French-Lebanese and has lived all his life in Melbourne, Australia. Before he came to Harvard, Mich spent a "gap year" being a full-time student at the University of Melbourne whilst also being Head-Boy of his school, and doing his fair bit on the Australian Inter-Collegiate Debating circuit. So you could say he likes taking it easy. Mich is a rising Sophomore and will be living in the brand spanking new Lowell House with 6 of his blockmates, all of whom he met on FIP (one of whom is Rob!). Although he hasn't declared a concentration yet, Mich plans to do a joint-concentration in Applied Maths and Philosophy, but also enjoys learning Arabic and studying politics. When he isn't studying, Mich can be found touring the Northeast on the Debating Circuit, doing research on Middle-Eastern Politics, attending meetings for the Harvard College Consulting Group, or on a sunnier day, being the Vice-President of the Harvard Cricket Club. Outside of all this, Mich enjoys nothing more than watching or playing cricket, having philosophical discussions into the wee hours of the morning and dabbling in poker. This summer Mich is heading to Jordan for an intensive course in Arabic, and then to Beirut for some research, which he cannot wait for.