Max Mezger, Co-Director of International First-Year Affairs (Co-DIFA)

max mezger

Hometown & Country

Melbourne, Australia


Visual and Environmental Studies (film track)

Extracurricular Interests

Varsity Crew Team, FIP / Woodbridge International Society, Winthrop House Social Chair, film production and a keen interest in music!

Favorite Place in Harvard Square

The Charles River

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

FIPs can talk to me about creative outlets at Harvard, extracurriculars and Varsity sports at Harvard. Also I love meeting and talking to our new international community at Harvard so definitely come up to me and say hello!  

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

FIP is a truly special shared exprience and an incredible opportunity to become close friends with the international class of 2022 and the upperclass leaders. It is an absolute privilege to be helping run it this year.


Max is a senior in Winthrop House from Melbourne, Australia. He is a passionate film maker, and a Visual and Environmental Studies Concentrator. He is also a proud member of the Men's Crew Team. When he graduates, Max wants to move to LA and make a name for himself in the film industry. He loves talking about the countless opportunities available to students at Harvard and he implores you to come up to him and talk about your passions!