Mariko O’Neil


Hometown & Country

London, UK / Tokyo, Japan



Extracurricular Interests

Harvard Radio Broadcasting, The Harvard Advocate, the Asian American Brotherhood

Favorite place in Harvard Square

The Carpenter Center

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

The aforementioned concentration / organisations, Adams House, Canaday, music concerts in the Boston area


Why should a freshman choose FIP?

Everyone who does FIP has the time of their life. Everyone who doesn’t wishes they had.



Mariko was born in Hong Kong to Japanese and American parents, but lived most of her life in London. Before coming to Harvard, Mariko took a gap year in which she moved to Beijing to study Mandarin, then worked on a non-profit at the American embassy in Tokyo. Mariko is a rising senior in Adams House studying Statistics. When not studying, you might find her planning her Harvard Radio Broadcasting shows at the radio station, or compiling art at the Harvard Advocate magazine. She is also involved in several cultural organizations, and volunteers as a 'big sister' mentor at a local elementary school. She also loves cycling, going to concerts, and traveling. This summer, Mariko will be in Japan working on an organic peach farm before starting a data analysis project for Amazon in Tokyo.