Lerato Takana

Lerato Takana

Hometown and Country

Maseru, Lesotho


Joint physics and maths

Extracurricular Interests

Boxing, HABIC(Harvard African Business Investment Club) and HASA(Harvard African Students Association) member, math tutor for intro classes

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

Jefe's but low-key C'est Bon

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Life at Harvard as an African particularly from a country which doesn't exist until people meet you, studying physics(or maths)  and generally, ANYTHING about Harvard.

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

FIP is where you meet your block-mates and friends. You will be amazed how connecting with people over foreignness can lead to solid friendships. 

Leader Bio

Lerato was born and raised in Maseru in a country known by only a few, Lesotho. This country is entirely surrounded by South Africa which makes you wonder why it is not a part of South Africa or how it independently operates. The history behind Lesotho's foundation is a fuzzy one which puts Lerato in a difficult position when answering the question, "how did it happen?" Lerato is rising junior living in Lowell which is unquestionably the best house. He is pursuing a joint physics and mathematics concentration. Outside of class, you will sometimes find him along the river chasing electrons which are visible only to him and other runners or at the ARC center explaining why physicists are grateful for the exploration of multivariable calculus. This summer, he will be doing research on Photonics crystals investigating light propagation through the material with different refractive index. Lerato is incredibly excited to welcome you to Harvard.