Juhee Goyal


Hometown and Country

Indore, India


Joint Bioengineering and Integrative Biology

Extracurricular Interests

Harvard College Conservation Society, Harvard Dharma,, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Camp Kesem, Ghungroo (Annual South Asian Cultural Show), Research, CAing for LS50

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

New England Comics (right next to IHOP!)

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Anything about biology and the sciences in general, conservation and wildlife, cultural life at Harvard, the South Asian experience at Harvard, animals, animal welfare, veterinary sciences,  how to get involved in research as an undergraduate (I've worked with PRISE as a Program Assistant so can connect you to URAF resources as well!), how to seek help when you need it, mental health resources and experiences at Harvard (it's especially daunting the first couple years at Harvard to reach out, so please please do feel comfortable to reach out to me at any point!), teaching as a CA/TF, biking, why you should definitely take LS50!!!!, or literally just to talk about whatever, whenever!

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

FIP gave me, as cliched as it sounds, some of my still closest friends who have been my rock through this pandemic. My FIP parents were and still are amazing mentors. FIP also helped me get a sense of home literally before actual college even started! It really really helped ease my transition to college! It also helped me figure out how to deal with the transition back to college, definitely helped with the logistics of opening bank accounts and getting a SIM card. Panels helped me learn Harvard jargon ahead of time!

Leader Bio

Juhee was born in Pleasanton, California, but moved to Indore, India when she was nine. She loves to consider she's gotten the 'best of both the worlds' from both the countries. Now, Juhee is a rising junior living in Dunster, but still a proud Mowerite (I think that's what it's called?). She is (trying to) pursue a joint concentration in Bioengineering and Integrative Biology. She can be found organizing events and mentorship programs for Harvard Dharma and the Harvard College Conservation Society, photographing for Camp Kesem, or just walking/biking along the Charles (perks of being in Dunster!). She is also Course Assistant for LS50. You may catch her in one of her labs where she researches Experimental Evolution in the Desai Lab and Tympanic Membrane Reconstruction in the Remenschneider Lab. Juhee loves to meet new people and talk. Flag her down in Annenberg anytime (perks of being a PAF next year!!) and she would love to bond over the salad bar- jk!  She's always down to explore Cambridge and Boston, especially since you really don't realize how seldom you explore outside the Harvard bubble! Hit her up for any recommendations or if you need a buddy to explore! She makes great chai with a family spice mix which you do not want to miss! Oh and also, she loves animals of all types, from tiny limpets (look them up, some look like Baby Yoda!) to birds like her beloved pet cockatiels who she admittedly loves more than any homo sapiens.