Jess Austin


Hometown and Country

Cape Town, South Africa


I think I'll declare Economics with a secondary in either Sociology or Education

Extracurricular Interests

Harvard Africa Business and Investment Club, Global Research and Consulting (Non-profit consulting), Arete Fellowship and Club Field Hockey 

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

Nochs or Week's Bridge. Even better is eating Nochs on Week's bridge

What can FIPers talk to you about?

 Which olive oil in berg tastes nicer, how to survive winter in Cambridge, choosing classes, 
why dd/mm/yyyy is better than mm/dd/yyyy, trying different extracurriculars and adjusting to life in America 

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

FIP is the best introduction to Harvard! Besides from being really informative, it’s where you’ll met most of your closest friends and a community who will understand you in a way most Americans won't. I don’t think I would have survived first-year without FIP and it played such an important role in making Harvard feel like home. 

Leader Bio

Jess is a rising sophomore from Cape Town, South Africa, who spent most of freshman fall with Americans calling her Jace. She was in Pennypacker in her first year and will be in Pfoho as an upperclassman. Despite Harvard Housing not being kind to her, she is determined to not let it dampen her spirits. She is thinking about concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Sociology or Education as she is particularly interested in development and inequality in Africa. When not working on academics, she can often be found enjoying some of the square’s finest cuisine: Ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy or Nochs. Being blessed with a Dutch passport, Jess was hoping to travel and work in Holland, France or Greece this summer but on careful reassessment of the current state of the world, thinks summer might be better spent at home. She believes FIP and the international community played important roles in making her first year at the college so great and cannot wait to return as a parent and meet all the new FIPpers.