Jad Maayah


Hometown & Country

Amman, Jordan



Extracurricular Interests

I curate playlists and run along the Charles River. On campus, I was/am a part of the Harvard Society of Arab Students, the Harvard College Law Review, Harvard Undergraduate Consulting on Business and the Environment, the Harvard Crimson, and Ghungroo. I also work at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning!

Favorite place in Harvard Square

The aromatic part of the sidewalk outside Tatte Bakery & Café

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Choosing classes, mental health and counseling at Harvard, financial aid, Recognized Social Organizations (RSOs), filing taxes, the ending of Game of Thrones, not sports, Kombucha

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

Look. This is my fourth year doing FIP. Would I have invested my soul and energy into something that didn't spark me great joy? Absolutely not. FIP is a time and a half. There's nowhere else I'd rather be starting my year. I met my FIP brother who eventually became my roommate and best friend. I found a support system and a group of people I could call home. I am a better person because of FIP, and you should strive to be one too.


Jad is a rising senior (woah) from the far away land of Jordan. He lives in Winthrop House and studies Government with a secondary in Economics. Jad attended an American school in Amman (which is why he has ‘such good English’), but his experiences there have been anything but similar to his experiences at Harvard. He started his freshman year as a pre-med student then quickly came to realize other interests. Ask him about his academic journey! Inquire about his summer! Talk to him if you’re feeling daunted by America, if you want to practice your Arabic, or if you just want to make a friend!