Immigration Matters

During FIP, we cover all of the major immigration issues that impact incoming international students. FIP is extremely fortunate to have Jessica Heffernan from the Harvard International Office (HIO) at the helm in this area. Jessica has been an immigration specialist at Harvard University since 2014 and will be your immigration adviser throughout your time at the College.

Before arriving at Harvard, a good stating point for getting information on immigration and travel is the HIO website. According to the site, "the HIO provides information on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues (work permits, travel), financial questions, social and cultural differences, and resources at Harvard and in the community. International students are given the opportunity to participate in Harvard's International Student Host Program, which connects them with Americans living in the Cambridge and Boston areas."

Here are a few other important links on the HIO site:

Welcome guide : 

New student guide :


Visa info:

Student visa process :


Preparing to travel to the U.S. :

Preparing to enter the U.S. :