Ilham Abdalla Tagelsir Ali


Hometown & Country

Khartoum, Sudan


History of Science, Government

Extracurricular Interests


Favorite place in Harvard Square


What can FIPpers talk to you about?

GAME OF THRONES! R&B! Harvard culture! Revolutions!

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

Because it helps you meet the most amazing group of people on campus and it really really helps smooth out your transition.


Ilham is from Khartoum, Sudan but originated from the old capital of Omdurman. Ilham loves to talk about all things Sudan, R&B music, memes and Game of Thrones. She takes after her mother, hoping to go into law and activism. She currently studies History and Science with a secondary in Government. A fluent speaker of Arabic, Ilham wants to help all those who want to learn so come practice with her! Outside the classroom, Ilham works as a reshelving assistant in Widener Library and is involved with the African Students Association, Black Pre-Law Association and Act on a Dream as well as remote international Sudanese political groups for students. If it’s one thing you can count on her to do it’s to hype up the quad more than anyone else on this campus!