How are upperclassmen involved in FIP?

In FIP, we use a kinship system. There are about three upperclass leaders to every ten FIPers, and we call these groups "families." We mean that pretty literally; FIP families are all about care, nurturing, support, and connection, and your FIP "parents" are going to be looking out for you (even after FIP is over!). During FIP, you will do a lot of activities with your family and throughout everything your FIP parents will be your rock. The other leaders will be just as open to helping and supporting you, but of course they will have their own families.


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Is FIP 2020 still happening?

Yes, as of right now FIP 2020 is still taking place—as the situation progresses, we will keep this website updated with the latest news. If anything changes, you will hear from us and from the College. We understand that this is a very uncertain and stressful time, so if you have any questions about your country's COVID-19 situation and FIP, please feel free to email us at fip@fas.harvard.edu . Read more about Is FIP 2020 still happening?