My parents are traveling with me. Can I hang out with them during FIP?

Unfortuantely, no. A huge part of FIP is the relationships that form among the FIPers; therefore, we want incoming students to be with each other, without their parents, for as much time as possible. The best thing your parents can do is let you enjoy FIP, unfettered, while they explore Harvard Square, Cambridge, and Boston. If you begin to miss them, encourage them to help you pack up your FIP room, load the moving trucks and unpack into your term-time room on August 26!

While FIP is for students, the FIP leadership team love meeting parents and family and hope to develop more parents' events during FIP (early on in the program). We've found that the parents themselves very much enjoy meeting each other, and we want to facilitate this as much as we can. Information for parents can be found on the website here.