Emilly Fan


Hometown and Country

Auckland, New Zealand 


Environmental Science and Public Policy

Extracurricular Interests

Harvard Undergraduate Clean Energy Group, Harvard College Social Enterprise Association, Office for Sustainability, Organisation of Asian American Sisters in Service  

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

Flour Bakery

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Quincy house, all things environment and sustainability, food recommendations, interning in China 

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

There's a unique bond that FIP brothers and sisters and parents build with each other. You might not be similar to any of your siblings in terms of background and interests but that's what makes FIP families so special. 

Leader Bio

Born and raised in beautiful New Zealand, Emilly is a rising junior in Quincy studying Environmental Science and Public Policy with a secondary in English and a language citation in Mandarin. She dedicates most of her time on campus to environment-related initiatives - putting together the MIT Energy Conference, leading the clean energy group, working at the Office for Sustainability, and conducting climate research. She interned with Natural Resources Defense Council in Beijing last summer and visited the Fukushima disaster sites with HCJI this past winter break, having a phenomenal time traveling through all of China and Japan. Since coming to Harvard, she has been involved with HAUSCR, CBE, HCJI, HCCF, HCSEA, and pretty much any other acronym you can think of - feel free to chat to her about her experiences! Emilly loves Trader Joe's runs, the great outdoors, exploring the local food and culture scene with friends, and giving gifts. She's excited to get to know you all and show you the hidden gems of Harvard campus and the best food to get in Harvard Square!