Daniel Blunt

Hometown and Country

Melbourne, Australia



Extracurricular Interests

Consulting, Venture Capital, Startups

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

Pavement Coffeehouse

What can FIPers talk to you about?

Adjusting to life in America, while staying true to your roots. Dancing shamelessly, overenthusiastic karaoke, and business focussed extracurriculars.

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

There is no other pre-orientation program like it. I made friends during FIP that will last a lifetime. Every FIPper says that, because it's true.

Leader Bio

Daniel was born in Melbourne, and spent his first five years there before moving to California. He lived in California until he was ten, at which time his family returned to Australia. He has a British father and an Australian mother, an American godmother and a canine best friend. He's a rising sophomore moving into Currier and is concentrating on passing (economics). When he is not talking to his favourite baristas at Pavement (he gave them birthday cards), he can be found consulting, working for a startup, or dancing with enthusiasm. He is not known to sleep a lot, perhaps because he is so close to his baristas, and has been known to pull out the portable speaker to dance at midnight in the Boston rain. Daniel is always eager to meet new people and hear new stories - ask him for coffee and he'll marry you on the spot. To relax, Daniel calls his family and friends back home. This summer, Daniel is spending his time in finance, VC and at a startup. He can't wait for the new class to arrive at Harvard.