Celina Hollmichel


Hometown & Country

Oranienburg, Germany


Probably Gov with a Secondary in Astrophysics

Extracurricular Interests

Club Lacrosse, Woodbridge International Society, Harvard College Society for Cinematic Arts (Film Club)

Favorite place in Harvard Square

&Pizza & JP Licks

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

(real) dark bread; Space Politics; finding your place in an environment, where you don't know anyone

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

FIP was the best thing that could happen to me as an incoming freshman, you are going to love it if you take part and regret it if you don't. FIP does not only provide you with the opportunity to meet your new best friends, before college even starts, it also helps you answer all those questions your parents have been bugging you about for months that you could not answer. As International Student, FIP is without a doubt the best thing to start your time at Harvard with!


Celina is a rising sophomore from Oranienburg - just outside Berlin, Germany. Having spend her gap year volunteering for the European Youth Parliament, Celina now wants to study Government with a secondary in Astrophysics (because Space is cool and Space Politics even more). When Celina is not studying or learning Czech in her 2-person-class, you can find her either on the club lacrosse field (trust me, she barely knows what she is doing - it is after all an American sport) or watching movies with the HCSCA. Additionally, she is probably in the process of organizing the next Woodbridge party in her role as the Co-Social Chair for large events. In the summer, Celina will be developing her Czech skills in a language program in Plzeň. Lastly, she is very excited to return to her new house Winthrop in the fall and seeing everyone (again)!