Brendan Falk


Hometown & Country

Sydney/Canberra, Australia



Extracurricular Interests

Harvard Lampoon and Crimson Key Society

Favorite place in Harvard Square

El Jefe's

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Finance, Entrepreneurship/startups, Pre-professional, tech

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

You surprisingly come into Freshman week at Harvard better off than all of the Americans when you do FIP. You meet 150+ people versus the 10 or so in other programs (or that people you already know from home)


Brendan was born in Brisbane, grew up in Sydney, and went to high school in Canberra. On his gap year, he worked for an edtech startup and travelled. Here at Harvard, Brendan is heavily involved in pre-professional group. He was previously part of the Harvard College Consulting Group and the Veritas Financial Group. He now dedicates his time to the Harvard Lampoon and the Crimson Key Society. Brendan is also an avid entrepreneur, having worked on several of his own startups that were incubated in the Harvard i-lab (check out He is very into fintech and will be working for Brex this summer.