A welcome note to the 2018 FIP leaders from Paula, Tana, and Dwight

From Paula – 


I am so happy to welcome you into this group of handpicked diverse, fun, clever and interesting group of energetic people. We are so fortunate to have you on board and hope you will have a rewarding experience preparing for FIP, during FIP and post-FIP. I found that being a FIP leader helped me to reflect on my experiences as an international at Harvard, and it also gave me a new surge of energy for the year ahead. I hope it will be the same rewarding and special experience for you.

We are also so excited about FIP's new logo and rebranding effort alongside our new website. Thanks to Dwight we have a website (FIP has never had its own!). On that note, I hope to have your bios and more information up soon. As Dwight says below, please have a look at the website and let either of us know of any edits that you may have. We really want it to be our go-to FIP 2018 website! The new admits will soon eagerly log into this website to see what FIP will be all about. I will post more letters on this section on the website as we start to get FIP sign-ups.

I hope that you know you can always send me or Dwight an email with any questions about FIP! We are all a team now!






From Tana –

It is my honor and pleasure to work with the 2018 FIP Leaders! I can’t even believe this will be my 6th FIP. I’m so pleased that the program continues to evolve and change for the better. The evolution of FIP is quite remarkable. Every year the FIP Leaders are more diverse, bring new ideas to the table, and are willing to assist one another through the most difficult circumstances. I look forward to our trainings together and to be a part of another iteration of FIP. This FIP is particularly special as the new logo and website are already published and are wonderful marketing tools for this program. We hope that the website will lead to even greater unity for those who have ever been involved with FIP. Please remember, if you or your FIP Family members have any questions, particularly related to intercultural issues or immigration, do let me know. I’ve been working with the College as the immigration advisor to all international College students since 2012 and have met many wonderful people from every part of the globe. I often wish I could get to know every international College student on a deeper level. While this is not always possible, FIP does give me the opportunity to connect with you all in a different way. I do look forward to getting to know each of you better over the coming months.

All the best,

Tana D. Ruegamer
Advisor to International Students at Scholars
Harvard International Office


From Dwight – 

Congratulations on being selected as a 2018 FIP Leader! Especially new leaders -- welcome!

Today feels to me like the first offical day of the FIP season. Maybe it's running into a couple of you during my trek to and from class this morning, or maybe it's thinking about Visitas and/or FIP registration (which has already opened--our first FIPer signed up today), or, perhaps it's just that I saw grass seed being planted in the Yard. Whatever it is, I'm psyched, and I want to echo what Tana said above about it being such an honor to work with you all on this special program. 

Thanks to Paula’s outreach to you all, lots of ideas are already circulating about new innovations within the program. I’ll just add one more – namely, this website! As you click around and read the site (and we need you to do this) you'll see that things aren’t perfect. i.e., some pages have slightly blurry pictures while other pages are just a little unfinished. Still, the site can serve us in a number of ways. As a quick example, you’ll see that this note is posted on the "leader blog." This page could be a way for FIPers to learn a little more about the leaders before FIP. The idea wouldn't be to create a lot of new work for anyone -- and maybe there is a better idea altogether. Anyway, please share your ideas with us. As well as new things, we also need you to help us find any errors, obscurities, and areas that need improvement. I made the site over the winter break, so keep in mind that the problems are all mine -- i.e. don't blame Paula or Tana!  :)  

Here’s the other thing: the website could be one part of a larger initiative to make FIP and Woodbridge more public -- our own kind of branding campaign (notice that Woodbridge has a new logo as well!). Over the winter break, I was thinking about this quite a bit. FIP/Woodbridge publcity may not be the most pressing thing at the moment, but we have an opportunity to get ourselves “out there” a little more with our message. Especially given the current geopolitical climate, there may be no better time for us to publicize what we do and artuculate why it’s so important to us. As a quick example, last semster I couldn’t find any explicit FIP mission statement anywhere (!) so now there is a draft of one on the site (and I emphasize draft -- help me revise it!). Besides the branding, through, I mostly hope that this website makes us even more unified and integrated as a team. This is what I find most exciting.

By the way, if you don't want a particular picture of you on the media page or anywhere else, please let me know. That’s no problem.

Finally, we are planning a spring FIP Reunion and a lunch event with the Culture and Communication Consultants who work through the Bok Center. Paula or I will be back in touch about these things as soon as we know more.

Well, I mainly wanted to congratulate you. FIP was such a blast last summer and can’t help but feel that we are going to make it even better in 2018.

Very best,

Dwight Fee
FIP Director

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