Awnit Singh Marta


Hometown & Country

London, UK


Electrical Engineering

Extracurricular Interests

Bhangra, Sikh Association, IDENTITIES Fashion show, The Crimson

Favorite place in Harvard Square

Tanjore/Nine Tastes

What can FIPpers talk to you about?

Being first-gen/full fin-aid; belonging to many different cultures/identities; photography!!

Why should a freshman choose FIP?

Because it helps them really see this place through the lens of the experience of students who came in with very similar backgrounds and have seen the good/bad that has been associated with being international.


Awnit is an Afghan, Dutch Sikh who has lived in London for over a decade. He is a rising senior (last year!) living in Eliot House (the best house) and studies electrical engineering. When not in class, you can see Awnit sharing stories through portraits, teaching Bhangra to his team or holding discussion sessions for the Sikh Student Association. Over the summer, Awnit will be interning with CBS News in New York before welcoming the next cohort of amazing international students at FIP!