Our Collaborators

The FIP experience is about connection and collaboration, and so it's little wonder that FIP is an ongoing project that benefits from many different offices, groups, and individuals. Below is an snapshot of some of our allies and friends. FIP also receives a lot an ancillary and informal support that is impossible to enumerate here. We appreciate all those who keep giving us new ideas and positive energy for our program!

Along with the other pre-orientation programs, FIP is seated within the Dean of Students Office (DSO). The DSO is responsible for all aspects of your first year at Harvard College, helping you to make the transition from home and high school into a new and diverse community. FYE supports FIP through its oversight of all the pre-o programs, as well as a slew of resources designed just for international students. The FYE is committed to helping you navigate Harvard, wherever you're from. Be sure to take advantage of these resources, even before you arrive at Harvard, by visiting the DSO website regularly. 

The Harvard International Office (HIO) serves all international students at Harvard. The HIO provides information on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues, financial questions, social and cultural differences, and resources at Harvard specifically for international students. HIO supports FIPpers by facilitating your arrival at Harvard, and presenting at FIP itself. If you are on financial aid, HIO will provide you with your first financial aid check at FIP. Since its inception, HIO has acted as a liaison between international students and the U.S. government agencies that have jurisdiction over their stay here. During FIP, you will be able to ask HIO and your peers about immigration, work visas, and financial issues as they pertain to your specific circumstances. You are encouraged to visit the HIO website regularly before you arrive, to ensure you have all the documents you need to enter the country.

  • Admissions Office

It is hard to envision FIP without the assistance of the Admissions Office. Robin Worth, the Director of International Admissions (who you will hear from during FIP), and her staff work help us to understand the special qualities of the incoming class, and they can also help us identify any travel issues that incoming students might have.

  • Office of the Dean of the College

The Office of the Dean of the College, and Dean Rakesh Khurana himself, are also great supporters of FIP, and we are indebted to Dean Khurana for coming to talk with the FIPpers each year during the early phase of the program.

  • Yard Ops

We also want to acknowledge Harvard Yard Ops who helps us reserve spaces for the program and handle the complexities of move-in, keys, and other crucial details.

  • Academic Resource Center (ARC)

As FIP begins to create more in-year programming, we are teaming up with such entities as the Academic Resource Center, who already offer workshops and resources for international students throughout the year.

  • Woodbridge International Society

The Woodbridge International Society is a student organization whose mission is to create an environment of “support and shared understanding amongst the international community at Harvard College.” Its Board of Directors are often FIP leaders, and the Woodbridge Society creates its own programming and events for international students throughout the year. We are lucky that the new Woodbridge co-presidents, Barbara and Claudio, are FIP alumns -- both were FIP leaders last year!

The immediate FIP team consists of Jessica Heffernan, who is Advisor to International Students and Scholars within the Harvard International Office, and Nicole Garcia, FIP Faculty Director and Associate Director for the Office of International Education. Liliana and Jessica, the FIP "adults," work with the student directors (the "DIFAs"), who take on a central roles in planning and envisioning FIP. The 2020 DIFAs are Ruth Jaensubhakij and Michel Nehme. The Co-DIFAs is part of a community of about 45 FIP leaders who are the heart of the program. It is their commitment and devotion to FIP that makes the program such a powerful experience for incoming international students.

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