Abdullah Bannan


Hometown and Country

Aleppo, Syria


Biology and Philosophy

Extracurricular Interests

Rock climbing, STAHR, running, dabkeh (levantine dance)  community organization

Favorite place in Harvard Square?

santouka ramen

What can FIPers talk to you about?

anything!! classes, research, term jobs, fun places to go to, organizations

Why should a first-year choose FIP?

Because it's an amazing way to make friends for life and find a community you can relate to in many different ways!!

Leader Bio

abdullah was born in aleppo, syria- where he lived most of his life. He is now a rising sophomore living in dunster house (GO MOOOOSE!!) and most probably doing a joint concentration between chemical and physical biology and philosophy, with a secondary in either government or psychology, and a french language citation. in addition, he's been also working on the origins of life research at the szostak lab at mgh. other than academics, abdullah spends a lot of time practicing dabkeh (a levantine dance) with the harvard dabkeh troupe, falling off the rock climbing wall at the qrac, or cooking something in winthrop's kitchen. abdullah also really likes reading, you can always ask him for a book recommendation and he'll never disappoint. you can usually find him at the semetic or natural history museums on weekends (not because i'm smart- i work there hehe). for the summer (rip bc corona) he's going to be doing prise program at the szostak lab as well. super excited to meet everyone!!